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Here are a few key highlights to know about these beautiful bracelet sets:

1) These are totally unique products that you simply can’t find anywhere else.  They were custom designed specifically for Spiral Up Yoga members.


2) Each bracelet uses specific gemstones carefully selected because of their positive impact on strengthening and balancing the associated chakra.  As part of your order, you will receive a PDF document that details the characteristics of each of the stones chosen.


3) Interspersed throughout the gemstones is another totally unique element; nickel-free metal beads with a spiral design to remind you of the principle of spiraling up. The number of spiral beads in each bracelet reflects the chakra number.  So 1st Chakra bracelet (Mondays) has one spiral bead.  2nd Chakra bracelet (Tuesdays) has two, and so forth.  This is an additional visual reminder of which bracelet is for which day of the week.

4) The materials are top-notch, carefully sourced and expertly hand-crafted and the whole set is delivered to you by mail in a beautifully designed pouch and box.

5) There is a female set and a male/unisex set.  See the images below to compare the difference.

6)  Natural gemstone beads have variations in color and pattern.  No two sets of bracelets will be exactly the same.  Photos are a very close representation of what you will receive.


The Spiral Up Yoga chakra gemstone bracelet sets are stretch bracelets made with high-quality elastic cord and will slip over the hand and accommodate a variety of wrist sizes.  The sets are designed for average size wrists.

Women: fits 6 inch to 7.5 inch wrist (expect a loose “bangle” type fit on a 6” wrist)

Men/Unisex: fits 7.5 inch to 8.5 inch wrist.



The pricing is the same for either female or male/unisex sets.  $150 plus shipping. For shipping within the U.S. the shipping is $10 and outside the U.S. it is $20.  At this price, you can think of it as just over $20 per bracelet, which is a great deal for something like these that use real natural gemstones and are hand-crafted.  This is an investment in yourself that I know you’ll be so glad you made.  These bracelets should last for many, many years.  These would also make an incredible gift for someone who understands and appreciates chakras.


Women’s Set Men’s/Unisex Set
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